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Jewish Voice for Peace attack news
Excerpt: "Fellow bloggerstress Balabusta in Blue Jeans also weighs in on the cruel assault on a pro-Israel activist by the ever-venomous and vile Jewish Voice for Peace soldiers. She says: "The Balabusta will add that she has met this lady many times, and that she has also seen JVP's choice of 'nonviolent' friends at a number of demonstrations. Given JVP's inability to notice threatening and violent behavior carried out by those they choose to like, I'm not surprised they also fantasize violence by those they attack." "

Jewish Voice for Peace and bully tactics
Excerpt: "Yesterday evening there was a fracas at a Jewish Voice for Peace event, in which a middle-aged woman was victimized by several people. Jewish Voice for Peace has already come out with a press-release in which they desperately seek to put their spin on matters.
Truth, as is so often the case when JVP and similar groupings are involved, is not part of their narrative."

Jewish Voice for Peace and bully tactics
"Here’s the victim’s account:

"Jewish Voice for Peace" has issued a press release that I attacked several people attending one of their events with pepper spray. They also go on to make absurd allegations regarding my politics and intentions at the meeting.

This is completely bizarre. I am a DISABLED WOMAN (see the legal notice on my car). I carry pepper spray as my only means to defend myself. It IS true that on the evening of November 14, at a JVP meeting, I needed to defend myself. I was physically attacked.

The JVP meeting at Berkeley Senior Center was advertised to the public. I attended this meeting as an individual and not as a member of any organization, in order to deepen my understanding of their perspective on the Middle East conflict.

Ironically, a stated goal of the meeting was to HONOR activists that had recently PHYSICALLY DISRUPTED a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Perhaps I should have understood that as a warning.

THE ATTACK: Around 20 minutes into the meeting, I tried to photograph a woman speaking in support of Israel. Almost immediately, several JVP members surrounded me and tried to take my camera from me. Then they attacked me. They took hold of my arms and would not let me go. They also pushed their chests into me many times and knocked me against a wall. I yelled at them 20 to 30 times to let go of me. They refused to let go of my wrists and forearms and continued to bang their chests into me. They banged me into the wall over a dozen times. Their faces were red from hatred and exertion. As a result of their violence, my wrists and arms are bruised and I am currently suffering serious pain in my lower back. I am unable to work this afternoon and I must take medication for pain relief.

I am a large woman but I am physically frail. As I said, I am disabled.
- I see a pain management physician regularly for chronic back pain. I am unable to move without severe back pain. I have had major surgery on my back. I am unable to stand for more than a couple of minutes without unrelenting back pain and sciatica pain.
- I also have had nine surgeries on my knees which are another main source of pain.
- I have asthma, and I use inhaled steroids daily; the anti-Israel activists’ attack on me exacerbated my asthma and I had to take medicine while at the senior center.
- I also have a serious blood disorder that weakens me. I am currently under treatment by a hematologist/oncologist, and I am on daily chemotherapy.

I am 58 years old. I have a Disabled Person’s license plate for my car. I am physically incapable of overpowering or attacking anybody! The people who attacked me were physically fit and at least 20 years younger than I;

While pleading with the attackers to let me go, I tried to get away but they followed me and kept grabbing my arms. At one point they knocked my camera out of my hand. I bent down to pick it up and tried to walk away. They followed me and continued to grab my arms and shove me into the wall. They isolated me from the rest of the crowd. Because they were beating me up and because I am disabled and could not defend myself otherwise, I sprayed pepper spray into one woman’s face. As soon as I did that, they all backed off from me and let me go.

I resorted to the pepper spray because I feared for my safety and my life!!! I believe that had I not used pepper spray, I would be in the hospital today suffering far more serious injuries. Pepper spray causes extreme discomfort but is unlikely to cause permanent injury. The purpose of pepper spray is to temporarily disable an attacker, to allow time for escape. It worked.

The JVP press release is an outright lie. I cannot and did not attack anyone. I was attacked!


Jewish Voice for Whaaaa? Again?
Excerpt: "Over at Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, the irrepressible Grant Patel writes up a recent encounter between the poorly named Jewish Voice for Peace and a local pro-Israel activist who was physically attacked and continues to be attacked in words by JVP."

Self-Loathing Jews & Leftists Assault Jewish Woman at JVP Meeting
Excerpt: "This is a repost from my fellow San Franciscan's blog, Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers:
Monday, November 15, 2010
Jewish Voice for Peace and bully tactics ... "

Excerpt: "On Sunday night in Berkeley, members of Jewish Voice for Peace displayed all their worst character flaws, and ganged up on a middle-aged handicapped woman."

Jewish Voice for Peace - lies, distortion, and spin
Excerpt: "The following is an example of the lies told by Jewish Voice for Peace, which once again shows that ethical considerations and truth are not any part of their agenda."

Excerpt: "One of the people who was there witnessed the assault on Robin by the JVP’ers Sunday evening in Berkeley very clearly. This is what he wrote:
"I witnessed the assault on Robin Dubner on 11-14-10. I heard a fracas to my left and behind me. I turned and saw a blonde woman with short hair and a man with glasses pushing Robin backwards, toward a wall of windows and a plaster wall-- a corner, essentially. Robin had both hands above her head and the two JVPers were shoving her backward and grabbing at Robin's hands. Another two persons were behind the two assailants, all moving forward on Robin, who was retreating backward from them. Robin was screaming words to the effect of: "Don't touch me; let go of me." I didn't catch the JVPers' words, but several people were yelling at Robin at once.

I saw Robin's camera fly out of her hands and the attack on her let up for a moment. When Robin picked up her camera from the floor, the attack started again, with more pushing, grabbing and screaming at Robin by multiple people. Robin took out her pepper spray and sprayed the blonde woman; I didn't notice her spray the man but I understand he was also sprayed. At that time, Robin was able to move away.

I can testify in court that this was a brutal attack by multiple cowards on a disabled person (Robin) and that Robin was justified in protecting herself with pepper spray. The spray was used solely in self-defence. Even I feared for Robin's safety at the hands of these thugs who unjustifiably, physically attacked Robin."


Another witness writes:

The chairs in the room were arranged in a big circle. We began by introducing ourselves and discussing our plans for Thanksgiving. Lots of JVP'ers are spending Thanksgiving day on Alcatraz. It was oh so very very Berkeley.

Someone (a pro-Israel person?) began taping. They actively tried to stop her. A spirited discussion ensued about if it was legal or not to tape in a public venue. Were they planning to engage in any illegal activity? Was that why they objected to taping?

Then JVP introduced the students who interrupted Netanyahu. Rae Abileah from Code Pink, Matthew Taylor, 3 others. Oh, they were so proud of their brave, brave, young people!

They set up the video from their disruption. And that is when a pro-Israel person started reading from Chaim Herzog's 1975 speech to the UN on Zionism. Someone else asked Matthew Taylor about the psycho-sexual nature of his (Matthew Taylor's) foreskin restoration crusade. Had he tried any of the do it yourself procedures?

Two loudly angry JVP'ers attempted to prevent someone else taping. I think they were waving their fists at her and trying to push her. It looked very threatening. The victim of the JVP bullying was shoved into a corner, a wiry blonde thing grabbed her wrist, and the camera fell to the group.
And at that point, the shit hit the fan. Chaos and screaming.

Cecilie Shuransky had brought her little boy to the meeting . The turmoil just fascinated him - I suspect he said to his mom on the way home "It wasn't as boring as it usually is".

Rae whined "it's not the same. We interrupted the head of a state. You are interupting...us...powerless young people."

I really hate sinking to their depths.




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A few days ago the 'Absolute Heresy' blog was unfindable, and I believed at the time that AbsoLibator had taken his site down, having found the true love of his life..... or maybe a quickie with a woman in a burka on East Third, like Yehuda found Tamar.
But no. I am happy to report that AbsoLibator was only temporarily out of order. Maybe there were.... hirhurim. Only hirhurim. Which can be fun, but they hardly qualify as proo oorvew, nicht wahr?
He must have taken his blog down the next day, while he soaked in the mikvah and was unclean until evening.
--- --- --- --- --- ---
The good news is, he's back!
Here is his link: http://absolutecelibacy.blogspot.com/
Now go visit it. Leave a comment; leave several.
Discuss with him.
Unless you're a woman.......
We don't want any more hirhurim in the Yeshiva.
A groisn dank forois.

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The dearly beloved 'Absolute Celibacy' blogger has taken his site down!

This can only mean one thing..........

He's no longer celibate!

Mazel tov!

--- --- --- --- ---
I've extended invitations to one or two select Talmudic authorities to guest-blog here, and dearly hope that they will some day take me up on my kind offer. And you should hope so too.
One of them, believe it or not, is an esteemed rabbi at my alma mater, and the other one is a litvishe talmudist who used to blog........ a sharp and startling mind.
And now, alas, I shall have to frantically search for other heretical writings to fill the gap.
I keenly welcome suggestions.

--- --- --- --- ---

PS. No Christians, please. I realize that Christianity is by definition heretical, but after two thousand years of having it rammed down our throats, you will surely understand that the novelty has worn off.
If anybody knows of any Judeo-wiccans, however.......

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Over the past two weeks, a bloggermacher doing business as Absolute Celibacy has been spreading enlightenment and wonderful advice regarding procreation.

SEE SITE HERE: http://absolutecelibacy.blogspot.com/

I am his (her?) most devoted fan - well, second to a gentleman (or gentlelady) who signs comments as "celibacy supporter". Who appears to have escaped fromChristianity into a private Jewish world. We all need an escape hatch.

So, in order that the message trumpeted by Absolute Celibacy be preserved and furthered, I have created this blog. Think of it as a tribute.
[Also insurance - some of my other favourite blogs have disappeared, and I well remember the panic that drenched our oilam when the Godol Hador ( http://godolhador.blogspot.com/ )vanished.]

And please also note that this site is far from complete - I'll be twiddling with the type and spacing over the next few days, there will be subjects other than Absolibate's obsession, and bezrasashem it will grow...., and grow...., and grow...., until at last like a fungus it will take over the entire world bwaahahhahhahhah!


Absolute Celibacy


This blog promotes the true view of Judaism, that according to the Holy Torah, all sexual activity is absolutely forbidden.All sex between all combinations of males and females (one of each, or two of one) absolutely forbidden (see Leviticus 18:22, which forbids sex either with a "zochor" or with an "isha", a male or a female). Furthermore, auto-sexual activity is even forbidden. First of all, anyone who commits masturbatory auto-sexuality is violating Leviticus 18:22, because that person is himself or herself already a "zochor" or "isha". But second of all, there's a specific prohibition against masturbation-- it is for this reason that God struck Onan dead (see Genesis, chapter 38)!I am starting this website to raise the important awareness of this topic.Most Rabbis (emissaries of Satan, some of who are no more than Christians with beards) will tell you that marital sex is permitted, or even encouraged, in Judaism. I have nothing but rage against such sinners!
posted by Absolute Celibacy at 11:50 AM on Jan 17 2006

The Back of the Hill said...
How does an absolute celibate deal with an increase in nocturnal emmission?Constant toivel sayn?
2:40 PM

"Gedoilim Support Abstinence"


There are, however, some brave Gedoilim left, who are still willing to stand up for the traditional Jewish view on this important halochic issue.Rav Shlomo Katzenellebogen, of Cleveland and Rav Aharon Millerstein, of Bene Berak, adamently fight for the Torah-true attitude, which is that it is forbidden for any Jew or gentile to ever have sex with anyone. This prohibition is one of the gravest prohibitions in the Torah, and can bring destruction to the world, just as it brought destruction to the world at the time of the great flood at the time of Noach
posted by Absolute Celibacy at 12:02 PM on Jan 17 2006

The back of the hill said...
Zayt azoy git, post links to the writings of harav Katzenellenbogen and the Bnei Brakker.A filndank foroys.
6:45 PM

The back of the hill said...
And also let us know how many kinderlech each rav has fathered.
6:46 PM

Hirshel Tzig said...
and I thought I'd seen and heard everything..............
6:46 PM

respondingtojblogs said...
This site is flame-bait.
9:26 PM



In many other, goyish religions (which should not be compared to Judaism, lehavdil), even though they recognize the danger of sexuality, they think that the solution is castration.Castration is not the solution! It is clear from numerous passages throughout the Torah-- the Written Torah and the Oral Torah, which really just form two limbs of one soul-- that castration is forbidden.Vayikro 22:24, in Parshas Emor, makes it clear that it is forbidden to castrate an animal (sheep or dog) or a male human. And it is clear from our sages' interpretation in the Oral Law that it is forbidden to castrate a female human, as well.No, Raboisai! To castrate is to run away from the issue of s*xuality by committing another aveiro, not to conquer it. If a man (for example, though also a woman or child, or even an animal) thinks that he can please God by castrating himself, this is wrong! It is like someone who wants to be healthier by losing weight, so he decides to kill his appetite by smoking ciggarettes. Shoiteh! Don't you realize that ciggarettes are just as dangerous to your health as being obese?No, just as the dieter must live and suffer with his appetite, so must the good Jew (or even goy) suffer with the presence of the genitalia, which God created in order to tempt you, but you can receive great reward if you don't give in. The difference, however, between the dieter and the frum Yid, is that the dieter must swear off some food, but still eat a little, whereas the frum Jew must swear off all s*xual satisfaction, whether from a man, a woman, or himself, forever! Always.
posted by Absolute Celibacy at 12:25 PM on Jan 17 2006

Disgruntled Mirrer said...
you've lost your fucking mind.
2:37 PM

Mis-Nagid said...
disgruntled mirrer, no pun intended? :-)
2:38 PM

The Back of the Hill said...
What you're basically saying is that there should've been no generation to enter the holy land after the generation in the wilderness died out. Which makes a lie of the entire Torah mi Sinai idea. Also you imply that the sinful should inherit the earth, as the good should cease procreating altogether. A very novel idea.How do Essenes breed?
2:38 PM

respondingtojblogs said...
Did you lose a ball or something?Besides Jesus, I can't think of a major bibical figure who did not have sex. Of course, according to their point of view, even God got into the act.M-N, LOL.
2:39 PM

Lipman said...
How do Essenes breed?Spontaneous generation.Like this blog.
1:28 PM

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...
This is fascinating:How does the goy's approach differ from the Jews approach according to the sages on this issue of castration?
5:06 PM

FrumGirl said...
Torah can be twisted to support any view. This blog is ridiculous. However, I will prob keep reading cuz it makes me laugh.
8:14 PM

"Sex is not only Assur, but also dangerous!"


Rambam, Hilchos Deios 4:19:כל השטוף בבעילה--זקנה קופצת עליו,וכוחו תשש ועיניו כהותוריח רע נודף מפיו ומשחייו;ושיער ראשו וגבות עיניו וריסי עיניו נושר,ושיער זקנו ושחייו ושיער רגליו רובה;ושיניו נופלות.והרבה כאבים חוץ מאלו באין עליו.כה אמרו חכמי הרופאים, אחד מאלף מת בשאר חולאים; והאלף, מרוב התשמיש.Anyone who is engaged in s*xual activity:old age springs upon him [before its time],his strength is depleted,his eyes become dim,a foul odor emanates from his mouth and armpits,the hair of his head, his eyebrows, and his eyelashes fall out,the hair of his beard, armits, and legs grows in abundance,his teeth fall out,and he suffers many pains beyond these.The wise of the doctors have said: One of a thousand dies from other illnesess and a thousand from lots of intercourse.(Translation of Rav. Zeev Abramson and Rav Eliyahu Touger.)
posted by Absolute Celibacy at 12:53 PM on Jan 18 2006

The back of the hill said...
From which we shper that the Rambam knew many with venereal diseases, and we also shper that infection was rife.We live in different times, and know of good hygiene besides.But of course a Fustatian physician would obsess on the unpleasant side-effects of urban living.
1:19 PM

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...
How is sexual activity defined in this context by the sages?
5:03 PM

Anonymous said...
Nishtaneh HaTeva....
11:16 PM

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...
you got this wrong this quotation deals with male masturbation-a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thingthe first mitsva of the torah is to have sex
12:54 AM

celibacy supporter said...
Datingmaster - WHAT?!You claim masutbation is the first mitzva of the tora??How can you say this! This shows how appalling the influence of television in our country is!!
2:37 AM

FrumGirl said...
CS - Looks like you choose to misunderstand. I wonder why.
7:35 AM

Jack's Shack said...
Sounds like someone needs to engage in a little fornication.
1:01 PM

Anonymous said...
Vus iz mit "pri u'rvi?"
11:00 AM

Thursday, January 19, 2006
Refutation of the Heretic


The heretic scum who calls himself "Back of the Hill" has written a post sharply criticizing this one. What's worst of all is that he can't even criticise me seriously, in a way worthy of a Ben Torah. Rather, he mocks me snidely, turning my Torah into a joke!In many places, Mr. "Back of the Hill" falls into the same pattern of argument that all heretics do: quoting out of context.For example, he takes issue with my quoting of the Rambam to show how diabolical s*x is:

Need I point out that the Rambam was married? And had offspring?Perhaps the Rambam was being ironic - certainly not an unusual concept. There's plenty of evidence in the Talmud that scholars knew irony.Or could it be, chosveshalom, that the Rambam may have quarreled with his aishes chayil that day?

I don't even know where to begin pointing out how wrongheaded this is-- but let me start.
First of all, there's no authentic Torah source that tells us that the Rambam was married. Only the historians, who were all either goyim, or non-religious, s*x-practicing Jews, state that Rambam had a wife. And we yeshiva-educated people all know that it's impossible to trust the historians on any matter, especially if they contradict true Torah sources. After all, the historians all contradict each other, and they change their views every few years. A man named Heinrich (Tzvee) Gratz is considered by historical-minded people to be the greatest historian of Judaism, and it is a dovor yadua that he shook hands with women. And you know what shaking hands with women leads to? S*x. But since there's no Torah source that explicitly says that Rambam wasn't married, let's admit to Mr. "Back of the Hill" that he was, indeed, married to a woman or girl.

I'm not even sure that Back of the Hill has been educated at any yeshiva; on his website, he gives a link to something that calls itself "Yeshiva Chipas Emess", but the link leads to a site that is clearly a joke-- a joke in very poor taste.

Now, even if the historians are right (which occasionally happens), there's still no evidence that Rambam actually had s*x with the girl or woman who he married. To do so would have been to violate the clear halocho of Leviticus 18:22.

Back of the Hill mentions "offspring" of the Rambam. The only child that the Rambam is ever claimed to have had was the reputed "Avrohom ben HaRambam". Now, Reb Avrohom, if he even existed, is irrelevant to the issue at hand, because he's clearly not part of our holy Mesoyra, as transmitted to us through the years of poskim.
Rambam himself is clearly part of the Mesoyra-- he is one of the three streams that the Mechabeir used to paskin halocho for us in the Shulchan Oruch. So certainly, the Mishne Torah (the work which I quoted in my earlier post) is an authentic part of the Mesoyra. The supposed "Avrohom ben Harambam" never wrote anything so important, and he's nowhere quoted by the authoritative Beis Yoseif.

To claim that the Rambam was being ironic in a work so serious as the Mishne Torah is downright offensive. It's astounding that anyone would have such gall to impute such a thing to the Rambam. Makes me want to puke. Doesn't Back of the Hill realize that Rambam's Mishne Torah was used by Sfardim for many years as their primary seifer of halocho, and that Teimanim still use it that way? Or does he not care, because he's a koifer, who doesn't even care about halocho? Remember, as the Gaon of Vilna has written, the Rambam wrote every word of the Mishne Torah through ruach hakoydesh. To suggest that he would use irony in a work that he knew (through the ruach hakoydesh) would be used as a halocho seifer by hundreds of millions of people is really impossible. And offensive.

Back of the Hill writes:
Which many of the Tosafists and Chassidei Ashkenaz also believed. Which would explain their objection to his philosophy. It's hard to keep warm in Northern Europe in winter.

I'm not sure what this has to do with anything, but it's making fun of Rishonim. If the Rishonim are mocked, then the whole Mesoyra falls appart.

Back of the Hill criticizes my knowledge of other religions:

Do ANY religions think this? Has any one actually met someone like this? Other than the Heaven's Gate cult, that is. Until that unfortunate event with the fliegende tegele they may have been all over the place, even though I never saw them here, but still, they qualify more as erev rav than 'many other'.

Now, I admit that I have not dirtied my hands in the direct study of other religions. However, I have read books and pamphlets by Rabbonim explaining various other religions, and even read the descriptions of the other religions in the Beis Yosef and the Bayis Chodosh on Hilchos Avoda Zora. Lest anyone criticize me of wasting my time with this, note that this, too, counts as a kiyum of the mitzva of Talmud Tora. As the Gemoro states in Maseches Sanhedrin: לא תלמד לעשות, אבל אתה למד להבין ולהורות מה מגונה עבודה זרה זו. "You can't learn foreign religions in order to practice them, but you can learn them in order to understand them and teach others how disgusting they are."

Now, in terms of castration. It is well known that there are many different sects of Christianity. Heaven's Gate is a large one, with about 75 million members. However, they are not the only Christian sect that practices ritual castration or penectomy. Why, the founder of Christianity himself (sheim resho'im yirkav) is claimed to have said: "If your eye offend you, cut it out." It seems pretty clear to me that "eye" here is merely a euphemism for test*cle. Thus, all through the ages, from the founding of Christianity until the Heaven's Gate group of today, many forms of Christianity have practiced widespread castration and other genital mutilation.

Another snide comment of his:
1. This would lead to a total absence of Jews in one generation. Which might please some people immensely.

Oh, this would please you immensely, you little Nazi? I can't believe you just wrote that! Just horrifying. Hashem is crying out for all the Jews of this generation that you want to kill in gas chambers.
posted by Absolute Celibacy at 8:46 PM


respondingtojblogs said...
Okay, GH. Fun time is over.
12:58 AM

Anonymous said...
This isn't GH. It's funny.
10:16 AM

Yitzchak Goodman said...
Ou've heard of a one-horse town? This is a one-joke blog.
2:05 PM

The back of the hill said...
Heresy lives!
3:51 PM

celibacy supporter said...
I have made a writing mistake in my commentary in the last posting: I mean in your country, not in our country. I have written in OUR country.Barukh hashem I am not in the U.S.A. like Datingmaster. Barukh hashem.
11:03 AM

Anonymous said...
POST MORE!I am still not convinced, please present more material backing your meshune point of view.---Heretic Scum (you know who).
2:52 PM

Chana said...
What in God's name?"Oh, this would please you immensely, you little Nazi? I can't believe you just wrote that! Just horrifying. Hashem is crying out for all the Jews of this generation that you want to kill in gas chambers."Am I to understand you just called 'Back of the Hill' a "little Nazi"? You poor, poor man...
2:20 PM

"Refutation of the Heretic, II"


I see that the heretic "Back of the Hill" has come back to roast me in another post.Let me now criticize his roasting, and thereby show honor to the Torah and to Hashem Yisborach.Ironically, his latest post consists mainly of quotes of my Torah (he quotes my entire post inside his), with only occasional comments by him. I pray to Hashem that He allow many people to find my quoted words on his blog, and thereby be led to derech Torah.

I wrote: Only the historians, who were all either goyim, or non-religious, s*x-practicing Jews, state that Rambam had a wife."

Back of the Hill" responded: Unlike frummy bonk-jobs who advocate absolute celibacy.

What about us? You call us names, but indeed, we are quite unlike the secular historians, who engage in aveiros such as s*x and p*rk.I wrote: And we yeshiva-educated...."

Back of the Hill" responded: Which Yeshiva?

Would you be happier I had specified that I learned mainly by Rav Katzenellenbogen (in Cleveland), and also spent a little bit of time at the Mir?

I wrote: You know what shaking hands with women leads to? S*x."

Back of the Hill" responded: And kissing causes pregnancy, begorah. How does his sex-life negate his scholarship?

As bad as kissing between a man and a woman is, how can you say that it causes pregnancy? Perhaps you don't know the difference between leads to and causes? No, I didn't think you knew the difference.And as to "his sex-life negate his scholarship": we people in the field of Torah understand how the entire character of someone is holistic, and related to his kochos ha-nefesh. If their is a blemish in one part of a person's character, the other parts can't be trusted, either.

You secular people believe in all sorts of divisions, which are not authentic to Torah. I pray to Hashem that he enlighten you soon."

Back of the Hill" wrote: "ve'et zachar lo tishkav mishkevei isha to'eva hiv" - this means that you should not lie with a man LIKE with a woman, NOT that you should not lie with man NOR woman. If you have any doubts about this interpretation, I strongly suggest that you reread the commentaries - Rashi would be a good choice.

You clearly do not understand the Chazalic methods of Medrash Halacha: the inclusion of the mention of משכבי אשה shows that sleeping with a woman is included in this prohibition. And we do not paskin from Rashi's commentary on the chumash."

Back of the Hill" wrote: I had NO idea that the Mechaber was a historian

I never said he was a historian. Chas ve-shalom that he would have been a historian (goyishe profession). All I said was that he is authoritative! You just have such a secular mind that when you hear "authoritative", all you can think of is "historian".
posted by Absolute Celibacy at 9:16 PM on Jan 23 2006

Anonymous said...
Another marvelous posting! Shkoiyach!Alas, I fear I may not have time to counterargue (or simply take potshots at) your fine posting today, for which I apologize, but I will certainly do so tomorrow.---Heretic Scum
3:28 PM

celibacy supporter said...
I do not understand why you make fun out of this person. This is a central point of Jewry. This is why I turned to Jewry religion though I was born a Jew. (I was raised a Catholic but they put celibacy artificial only for priests, and when I studied more of the basis of Catholic which is Jewish, I found the same conclusions!
2:29 PM

Anonymous said...
Tayere Celibacy Supporter, Do you mean to say that you intend to ignore the imperative to go forth and procreate?Pru urvu means nothing to you?Well, no offense, but that's probably a wise choice.And what is this 'Jewry' of which you speak? Surely it is not what the rest of us think of when we consider Torah and Talmud based montheism.---Heretic Scum
2:47 PM

Anonymous said...
Tayere AbsoCelibate and CeliSupporter, I have written a new posting, which you might find interesting. It's all about SEX!http://atthebackofthehill.blogspot.com/2006/01/pru-urvu.htmlGrisn, ---Heretic Scum
4:46 PM

celibacy supporter said...
But the imperative to go forth and procreate was only when G-d has created the world! Now there are enough people in the world for this imperative and we don't have to worry about people in the world that they are many!You ask what is the Jewry I mean. It is the real Jewry which is only the foundamation of distorted sects like cristaos and not really orthodox Jewry.And please explain why a s-x cult must be monotheist! Why do you think this?
3:03 AM

Anonymous said...
Tayere Celibortionist, My words were "Talmud based montheism", not 'monotheist sex cult' (although that sounds interesting too).Surely you do not mean to imply that Rabbanite Judaism is a monotheist sex cult? I thought that particular Russian superstition had disappeared.


[Time for toivel sein, ooh.]

Yes, there are many people in the world. But if all maintained celibacy, in only a few decades there would be none.If Jews maintained celibacy, in only a few decades there would be none.And you and Absolibate would then be all alone in the cold dark night.Grisn, ---Heretic Scum
8:50 PM

celibacy supporter said...
"Heretic Scum", you write"montheism" all the time, so that I am suspicious that this is on purpose. Are you in reality a moon worshipper? This would explain your strange obscene s*x ideas about our holy Jewry religion!

And you write"Surely you do not mean to imply that Rabbanite Judaism is a monotheist s*x cult? I thought that particular Russian superstition had disappeared."

I can assure you that I am not Russian. (I am Bresilian.) and I think exactly the opposite: Rabbanite Judaism is NOT a s*x cult. That is what you don't understand.

Further on you write"Yes, there are many people in the world. But if all maintained celibacy, in only a few decades there would be none."

Who says that? Can you tell the future? We'll have to wait and see. And anyway, Mashiach will come if we all behave like the tora has told us.
11:06 AM
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